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Hospice pet care and compassionate home euthanasia

What is Senior Pet Hospice?

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The unfortunate reality of pet ownership means that you’ll face the same end of life scenario as you would with any other member of the family. Providing quality end of life care helps to ease the pain and heartache your family will face when saying goodbye to your pet. With senior pet hospice, you are giving your animal the ability to live out their final days in peace, rather than struggle with old age or a medical condition that is causing pain and discomfort.

Senior pet hospice allows you to bring in a qualified expert that takes care of your pet during its final days. Having a veterinarian around for this difficult time often eases stress and anxiety – for both you and your pet – by facing the issue head on, and being available not only to care for your pet, but to also answer any questions you may have about what’s going to happen during this difficult time.

This is a personal decision that must be made after careful consideration. As you weigh your options, consider the following benefits of pet hospice:

  • Provides your pet the opportunity to live out their final days in a familiar setting.
  • Uses qualified hospice experts who are able to initiate a traditional or alternative treatment plan including options such as acupuncture
  • Interaction with experienced, compassionate professionals who can help you through the final days of your pet’s life while also assisting with the grieving process
  • Peace of mind knowing a hospice expert is there to help answer your questions regarding the final stages of life and when compassionate euthanasia may be considered

While end of life care was a missing treatment area in veterinary medicine for a period of time, more and more veterinarians are turning to hospice care as opposed to in-office visits.

“We were taught to offer euthanasia when a pet started faltering,” says Dr. Alice Villalobos of the Animal Oncology Consultation Service in Woodland Hills, California. “We have all been educated to focus on care for the pet’s life stages. But end-of-life care was not included, and it is a life stage.”

Saying goodbye to your pet is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, and having a qualified hospice expert on hand to ensure their last days are pain free and happy goes a long way in delivering piece of mind. If you have a terminally ill pet, contact Paws into Grace to discuss your options, including in-home hospice care.

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