It is very difficult to lose a beloved family pet. We believe it is important to give every family and pet a comforting transition. We are honored to support families in all aspects of the end-of-life process and believe a pet’s passing can be a beautiful experience that can help our children learn about life, death, and grief.

Paws into Grace owner and founder Dr. Elizabeth Benson spends her free time with her three children, Everly (7), Thatcher (4), and Amaya (2). Dr. Benson and her team have walked alongside their children during times of grief and loss numerous times. In doing so, they have compiled recommended resources, including blog articles, books, and memorial items to help families in the end-of-life process.

Blog articles we recommend for families:

11 Ways Your Kids Can Remember Their Pet

Euthanizing Your Pet: Helping Your Child Through Pet Loss

How Do You Explain the Cremation of a Pet to a Child?

Memorial items we recommend for families:

Butterfly Necklace

Price $48.49 (includes tax)

silver-tone rainbow butterfly locket necklace

Paw Print Necklace

Price $64.65 (includes tax)

silver-tone paw print locket necklace

Heart Shaped Paw Print/Ornament

Price $35

white clay heart paw paw print ornament with pet name stamped

Ink Paw or Nose Print

Price $15

black ink paw print on white cardstock

Customized Wooden Ornament

Price $21.55 (includes tax)

carved and engraved wood Christmas paw print ornament with pet's name

All Memorial Items and Memorial Jewelry listed above can be ordered by calling our team at 619-977-6698.

Upon request, we can also coordinate split ashes, an extra fur clipping, or ash in glass vial.

Books we recommend for families: