Why Pet Euthanasia At Home?

  • The vet’s office is associated with unfamiliar smells, thermometers, and white coats. Even though pets do not understand or anticipate death, they do anticipate discomfort.
  • At home, your pet is at his or her most comfortable. They don’t need to leave their favorite spot in the sun or move when they are in pain.
  • You can be there by yourself or with the whole extended family. You can take your time, plus you don’t need to drive home afterwards.
  • Death is a major life transition. Euthanasia at home minimizes the medical aspect of this transition and allows you to focus on your pet.

Locations served for In-Home Pet Euthanasia Services

San Diego In-Home Pet Euthanasia
Riverside In-Home Pet Euthanasia
Orange County In-Home Pet Euthanasia

What to Expect

Our veterinarian will arrive, greet you and your pet, and review paperwork. This can be filled out ahead of time by downloading the consent form. We will review the process and answer any questions.

We will administer a sedative plus a pain medication to allow your pet to relax into a deep sedation in about 10-15 minutes. You will be right by their side. We will inform you of the final procedure, allowing you to decide to stay or seek comfort in another location. A temporary IV catheter is then placed and the last medication is given.

If you seek more information regarding the process review the Paws into Grace Ebook.

What about the kids?

We welcome having children and other family members present. This is an important life lesson for kids, and although they are sad, they also learn that death is ok to talk about. Our Family Support Team is here to help you through the process.

In addition to our regular euthanasia service, we also offer a Family Package and a Celebration of Life, which is designed to offer family support and create a transitional ceremony surrounding the euthanasia. If you would like one-to-one help or would like to schedule an appointment, we are also available at (619) 977-6698.


Fees for In-Home Pet Euthanasia

  • Basic
    • Our basic in-home pet euthanasia plan offers compassionate in-home euthanasia with a Paws into Grace Veterinarian. The medications and euthanasia procedure are the same in all of our packages.
    • San Diego: Prices start at $295 for pets under 100 lbs, $345 for pets 100 lbs + (refunds are not available)*
    • Temecula/Murrieta: Prices start at $345 for pets under 100 pounds, $395 for pets 100 lbs + (refunds are not available)*
    • South Orange County: Prices start at $455 for pets under 100 pounds, $505 for pets 100 lbs + (refunds are not available)*
    • Aftercare available for an additional fee
  • Premier Family Package
    • Initial phone consult with Family Support Specialist
    • Our premier in-home pet euthanasia family package offers our compassionate in-home euthanasia along with the assistance of a Family Support Specialist, who is there to hold the sacred space for the family, answer questions for the children and adults, and ease the pressure off the primary caregiver so you can focus on your pet.
    • Includes: music therapy for your pet (if desired), a pet remembrance scrapbook for children or journal for adults
    • Aftercare available for an additional fee
    • Prices start at $445 (refunds are not available)*
  • Celebration of Life 1 & 2
    • Our premium package(s) offers a comprehensive collection of services for owners who want their pet’s transition to be an event of celebration and remembrance.
      • Initial planning meeting with Family Support Specialist
      • Compassionate in-home euthanasia
      • A memorial ceremony – if desired
      • Grief Support or Reiki Session (2)
      • A personalized item of memorial jewelry (rustic dog tags)
      • Premium aftercare services including a hand delivery of remainsIncludes: All the services in the Premier Family package, as well as:a planning session with a Family Support Specialist
    • Call for prices

*Travel: Depending on location, a travel fee may apply.

After hours: $175 after hours fee for calls after 6 PM and $200 after hours fee for calls after 9 PM

Cancellation Policy: A credit card is required to reserve an appointment time. The card is not charged until the appointment. Appointments canceled within 2 hours of the scheduled arrival time may incur the full appointment fee and appointments canceled within 6 hours of the scheduled arrival time may incur a cancellation fee of $100. We apologize but refunds are not available.

We can arrange for cremation services for your pet, should you require it. Information about our cremation services can be found on our Aftercare page.