Grief Support For Pet Loss

At Paws into Grace we understand the unbreakable love you have for your pet. We immortalize our companions in pictures and videos, and in hard times, we take responsibility for their well-being.

When your pet is nearing the end of their time, the feeling of loss can be overwhelming. While the grieving process is a natural reaction, knowing this does not make it any less painful. A pet is part of the family and losing a companion is difficult. Whether your pet has already passed on or you’ll be exploring pet euthanasia at home, it is important to feel no shame in feeling sadness the need for pet loss support.

Who Should Talk to a Grief Counselor?

Anyone! A Grief Counselor is often different from a licensed therapist, who we will refer to for families who need expert assistance. Our grief counseling team is here to offer a kind ear, suggestions for preparing for loss, and help making the decision about when to let a pet go. The days leading up to the death of a pet can be filled with anxiety and certainty. We can help.

We welcome the opportunity to work with adults as well as children. Parents are often at a loss as to how to talk to their kids about the death of a pet. We can work with families before, during, or after the loss of a precious pet.

Grief Support Specialists

Anna McClain, Certified Pet Loss Grief Support Specialist

Anna was born and raised in Orange, Calif. and graduated with a BA in Sociology from Cal State Fullerton University. She has been certified as a Pet Loss Grief Support Specialist since 2015, after which she created PAWS Pathway. PAWS Pathway is our life path through pet loss where pets have imprinted on our hearts with their love, continuing to honor their memories through future words/actions, and learning to walk alongside our grief, while accepting and embracing it through reflections and exercises.

PAWS Pathway was created after the loss of her best friend, Alfie, a beautiful 5 pound Chocolate Poodle, sadly passed away in 2016.Losing Alfie opened Anna’s world to inspire PAWS Pathway and help guide others peacefully through pet loss, along with focusing the human-animal bond at all times.

Anna’s goal is to help others start the path toward healing and take steps toward inner peace and contentment, while continuing to celebrate your loved one. Anna will guide, counsel, and encourage you through each moment of reflection and understanding.

A phone consult with Anna is $80 for one hour. A video consult with Anna is $90 for one hour.

(Refunds are not available)

Joan Bruner, Retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Joan is a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has spent more than 50 years counseling countless numbers of individuals, couples and families. She has learned that loss is a part of life and that it is important to give ourselves time to mourn when it occurs. Joan recently experienced her own loss with the death of her beloved pug, Mister Tibbs. However, she is grateful to have her remaining dog, Mija. As an animal rights advocate, she supports the humane treatment of all animals. Joan shares, “I am honored to be able to provide supportive counseling for the cherished clients of Paws into Grace.”

Joan is on a leave of absence as of August 2023. When she is available, she offers her grief support to clients pro bono.



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