Navigating the murky subjectivity of deciding when it is the correct time to say goodbye is a daunting prospect, especially when making the decision alone. When you choose to have Paws into Grace walk alongside you during this time, you don’t have to face this decision alone.

The Quality of Life Assessment is a one-and-a-half-hour appointment where we discuss your pet’s diagnosis, prognosis, and what is likely to happen in the upcoming months. We discuss the common quality of life scales you can use at home, and help you think about what endpoints you might be considering for your own pet.

The Quality of Life Appointment will help determine if euthanasia is recommended, and it does not include euthanasia. Euthanasia will only be possible in cases of emergency. If you and your veterinarian decide euthanasia is the best option, a euthanasia appointment should be scheduled for a later time/date.

The Quality of Life Assessment appointment can also become a Comfort Care appointment, should the client decide to go that route.

If your pet has recently received a negative prognosis, consider our Quality of Life Assessment so that the professionals can help you determine the next steps.

For now, you have access to our Quality of Life Scale, which can help owners get into the right frame of mind for determining what is to come. We attempt to take a holistic assessment of your pet’s well-being by considering factors like hurt, hunger, hydration, happiness, mobility, and more.

Note: As a home visit practice, Paws into Grace has limited capacity for diagnostic testing and is not intended to replace your regular veterinarian for primary care. Quality of Life assessments are most beneficial for owners who already have a diagnosis and a recent visit with their regular veterinarian.

The in-home Quality of Life Assessment appointment is $425 (San Diego/Temecula area) $485 (Orange County) * additional travel fees may apply.

The right decision at the right time can make all the difference in the world.