Dear Elizabeth,

Writing to you as I’ve wanted to over a month ago when we met you to help me with my dog Honey. If you remember coming to my parents home in Temecula, she was the husky Shepard mix with paralyzed legs. I just wanted to write you as I came across your card once again in my truck and needed to say to you such a massive and epic thank you for the very peaceful and gentle way you helped her go in peace.

I didn’t know what to fully expect but I knew the last thing I wanted to do was cause her torment of dragging her in to a random vets office. She was sincerely the most amazing animal and tough as it gets yet as loving as you can imagine. She was a rescue who I came upon at 4 months and she not only fought through parvo and pancreatitis, but other various dog ailments and even to the end with her paralysis, was just the happiest most grateful dog. There was no way I could drag her into some cold office and not honor her as she had cared for me the whole time I had her.

THANK YOU for the beauty of the experience and for being such a blessing. It truly was perfect and even though I miss her terribly, knowing she left us in such a blissful way, chugging down peanut butter like never before, made the experience so much easier on her.

All the best and thank you again, Can’t tell you honestly in words how much it meant,

– Jill

PS: her home vet office, Newport Hills Animal Hospital sent my family a large floral arrangement shortly after we lost Honey. It was such a huge surprise and very touching. Funny how we had that connection. Another thing that just told me you were perfect for us in the difficult time.



Dearest Dr Benson

My name is Nita, and on January 4th, 2014 I made that very hard telephone call to you at 7 am. I, of course was a complete mess. Our beloved Toby was saying goodbye and we knew it was time. It happened super fast for us, we kept waiting for the “signs”, but Toby never gave us any. Even the day before he was eating, drinking and trying to hump his sister (boys will be boys) :).

You were so kind on the phone, with a voice the made me feel at ease. You called back to ask my husband if he could help carry our 90lbs Golden Retriever to your car, because the cremation service did not open until later in the morning and we would have to wait if he could not help!

You arrived at our home in an hour. You came in and sat on the floor (even with your hurt back) and gave Toby a big kiss on the forehead and mentioned about much you loved Goldens.

You explained every step and applied each step with such care and compassion. Every time asking if we were ok and giving us time to say our goodbyes.

The way Toby was put to rest will be something I will always hold dear to my heart, wrapping in the blanket, showed how much you care for the loss of our family members. We have shared our experience with every animal owner we know. And when the comes again, we will be looking you up again!!

We wanted to say thank you not only for your kindness and compassion on the day Toby passed, but also for notifying Rancho Mesa Animal Hospital as well as VSH!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Dr Benson for just being you.



Dear Dr. Benson,

This is Nathalie. I would like to thank you for last night.

You stepped into our home and you immediately showed your loving care to Abby.

She responded back to you in the same way.

It was very comforting to witness that exchange on her last moment at home.

A stranger at the park referred us to Paws into Grace, I will continue sharing with others.

Your compassion and understanding are helping us in our healing journey.

We know that Abby is resting peacefully.

Thank you.



Dear Dr. Benson,

I didn’t want the evening to go by without letting you know how grateful we are for your helping with our sweet Bailey.

Your kindness and true caring is so appreciated.

Although there is a never a easy way to say farewell to our loving boy,

we hold some comfort knowing he is not uncomfortable .

Thank you from Baileys Family



Dear Dr. Elizabeth,

Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and warmth with our Aussie, Luna….and with my husband and myself.

Putting Luna to sleep was something we knew all along would have to be done; however, our hearts did not want to let her go.

You made a difficult process easier for our hearts.



Dear Dr. Benson

Thank you for your kindness and calming presence last Friday. Blue has always been fearful at the vet, so I was thankful she could spend her last moments at home. You provide a valuable service, and although were distraught we were able to say good-bye to our beloved kitty in a comfortable environment.

We will always be grateful to you.





She loved lying in the sun belly up, and by the fire.

During the last year, we put a heating pad under her bed, which she also loved. She spent much of her time over the last year sleeping in her nest near me in my home office when I was home, which made it easy to give her lots of TLC. For the last several months of her life she had numerous distressing visits to the vet, was getting 4 meds every morning and evening. At the end she appeared to be in some real pain, very lethargic, coughing up blood and eating little. We sadly said goodbye, and ended her suffering. She has left a hole in our hearts and in our home.

Dr. Elizabeth Benson of Paws into Grace came to our home to spare Sammi the agony of another visit to the vet. Dr. Benson’s thorough, gentle professionalism eased some of the pain of such a heart-rending event. The process was almost painless for Sammi. Dr. Benson never rushed, she informed us thoroughly, and treated our little cat with heart-easing respect and gentleness. This is the second time we have used her services, and we recommend her highly.

Thank you for all you do to care for animals. And thank you for Sammi.





Last week you helped me keep my final promise to Bear

that I would do the right thing when the time came. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. That’s saying a lot.

Your compassion, kindness and skills were evident when you arrived. I especially want to thank you for asking if there was a treat for Bear. It may sound trivial, but watching him eat that ice cream bar has become one of my favorite memories of him.

Bear had so many friends. I tell them, we should all be so lucky. A shot of Valium, eating an ice cream bar and going to sleep in the arms of the person who loved you most. Thank you for providing us that opportunity.

I believe it takes a special person to do what you do. I think perhaps you may be a guardian angel for the most vulnerable creatures that come into our lives. I also believe it is our responsibility to keep our promise when the time comes, no matter how much it hurts. Your services made it possible for me to keep that promise.and I thank you for that.

Please know that what you do is so very important. Instead of having terrible memories of Bears last moments in a sterile, cold, clinical environment, I have sweet memories of Bear eating his ice cream bar!

Thank you

From a client: Love this



We just wanted to send you a little note to let you know that we are so grateful that we found you.

We are so happy that we were able to give our dog Sam the gift of rest yesterday in the privacy of our own home. Thank you for your compassion and sincerity that you gave us and Sam. We are so thankful that he was able to go away in his own bed and knowing that he was’t all scared means so much to us. It is such a wonderful thing that you do for people with providing this service and we wanted to say thank you. God bless you and we hope you have a very Merry Christmas.


Robert and Renee



Dear Dr. Benson

Thank you for the card and your note about my dog Kate, who you helped release last week to wherever good dogs go. She was indeed a sweet dog, and beautiful and remarkable, and a thousand other things. I’m sorry you couldn’t have known her under happier conditions — she had many, many friends and admirers, really almost anyone who ever met her, who are going to miss her very much. I loved her deeply, more deeply than I even knew, judging from the way I have felt the past week. Frankly, I’m a mess.

Thanks also for your caring, respectful ways with Kate. Although losing her was the last thing I ever would have wished, when it had to be done at least with your help I was able to ensure she had a peaceful and dignified end to her final illness. She died in her favorite spot, on a beautiful day, with her best friend holding her tight. We should all be so fortunate, no?-

Elizabeth, you’ve chosen a difficult path for a medical professional–after all, none of your patients ever get better. But you’re offering a much-needed service, and I for one am glad you were able to answer our call for help on the worst day of my life.

Best wishes, Rick, aka That Guy With the Beautiful Dog



Hello Doctor Benson

So thoughtful of you to send a card with wishes and we have not stopped talking about how you really did a wonderful job!

For not knowing you, we certainly felt comfortable and especially when you allowed Makenzie to lick you all over your face!!!! She licked her way of loving everyone up to the very last minute and we knew it was meant to be you, that would ease her into grace. You were very sweet to make sure she was comfortable by petting her and meeting her needs during transition and we thank you.

Of course we miss her madly but we are getting stronger every day and our strength and comfort comes from knowing that she is in Heaven and will be greeting us with licks of happiness when our time comes to be with Jesus.

Take Care of yourself~

Blessings and Healthy Regards,

Karen and Jerry



Hello. THANK YOU! you were more than I had expected.

As you know, we consider our pets FAMILY. I had to put my 17 year old lab to sleep over 30 years ago, there is not a day that goes by that I still think about it.

You were very patient, very compassionate, and above UNDERSTAND. You did not treat this as a “job” you did not rush us, you did not hurry the process along. and in the end.. you handled “Scooby” with grace and dignity.

We all appreciate that.

Thank you.



Dear Dr. Benson

Thank you for helping me give Sophie a beautiful and peaceful passing. I was so touched by the care and comfort you provided to her in the last 30 minutes of her life. I am so grateful to you for making a sad day a bit more bearable.

I miss my Sophie, but I’m taking comfort in the fact that her final hour was as beautiful as the rest of her life was.

Thank you again,





Dear Dr. Pandi

I received your thank you card the other day in the mail, and I was so comforted by it. I knew in my heart (even as an ER nurse) that I had made the right decision the minute I met you. I knew that you understood my pain, turmoil and struggle with making the “right” decision for Tess.

I still kick myself for not thinking to auscultate her lungs, but I was thinking like a mom, not a nurse when over the course of her last 24 hours, she really went downhill fast. I was so comforted by your kind demeanor and the fact that once she received her sedative, it was like she really could “let go” and she knew that I was ok to let her go. I loved her so much. I didn’t realize that your organization was involved with police K-9’s.

My husband, who was shot and killed in the Line of Duty in December 2003 in Indiana always wanted to be K-9. He is one of the reasons I bond with GSD’s and why I adopted Tess. I know that they are happily playing together in Heaven, and that Tess’s arthritic hips no longer hurt her (even with the Meloxicam). Again, I thank you. (sorry for the rambling) : )



Tessie and Sam’s Mom



Dear Vidhya,

Thank you so much for coming to my home and helping Oogie transition out of mortality. I know she was ready to go, and her patience was rewarded by a peaceful end without the trauma of a trip to the vet. You were so kind and sensitive; it left me with a good memory instead of a painful one.

We did her “last rites” that very night, under the stars. It was a beautiful warm night, and a good finish.





Dear Dr. Benson

Thank you so much for your compassion in helping us with the difficult decision. I would have to say that it was a beautiful experience. Thanks so much for staying with her while we went on our walk. I like to think that angels carried our girl away up into heaven.

It was so wonderful to be able to spend that entire last day with Lola, and I am glad that we were able to end her suffering. It is so difficult and I miss her so much, but for the first time with any pet, I have a sense of closure and feel good about the life and ending that we gave to her.

Thanks again for your work. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be on you, but you are truly amazing.

All the best,




Thank you very much for your calm and comforting demeanor this morning.

It was very difficult for me to let Bruiser go. You made it a bit easier.

Thank you,



Our Sam boy

We are so happy that we were able to give our dog Sam the gift of rest yesterday in the privacy of our own home. Sam was such a precious and loving dog who always welcomed anyone or any new animal that we brought into our home.

He was my shadow and my best friend, and we have been so fortunate for 15 years to have had such a wonderful and loving dog. Now you can go and chase those bee’s and butterflies in doggie heaven just like you used to love to do. You will always be in our hearts forever. We love you and we will miss you dearly.

Elizabeth, we are so grateful that we found you. Thank you for your compassion and sincerity that you gave us and Sam. We are so thankful that he was able to go away in his own bed and knowing that he wasn’t all scared means so much to us.

It is such a wonderful thing that you do for people with providing this service and we wanted to say thank you.


Robert and Renee



Our Teddy Bear

Dr. Benson,

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your compassion towards Teddy and us. I don’t know what was harder watching him get sick or watching him take his last breath! I know I made the right decision for Teddy’s sake, he was so sick and it came on so fast!

This is the first whole day without him and even harder than yesterday. Waking up and Teddy not being here was really hard, having to realize he really is gone from our lives now after 15 years!

I wanted to tell you that you are truly amazing and I believe God sent you from heaven to help his creatures and their families. You are a natural! You turned an intensely painful situation into a peaceful time for us to give Teddy our love and kisses for the last time.

Teddy was comforted by you from the moment he met you. When you pet Teddy’s cheeks and gave him kisses he was purring which he only did for me! There is an emptiness in my heart for him which will never go away but I will always remember your genuine grace in his final moments and be comforted.

Thank you so much,




In Loving Memory of Ziggy

We are eternally grateful to Dr. Elizabeth Benson for her loving care and compassion. She made it possible for us to lay our precious dog, Ziggy, to rest in the comfort and familiar surroundings of his home with us at his side.

She introduced herself gracefully and gently to Ziggy, who quickly included her in his circle of friends. Putting him and us at some ease under difficult circumstances, she readily gave him something to completely kill the pain. He immediately, fully relaxed. Momentarily, she then gave him a sleeping agent that provided him greater rest and sleep.

Finally, with a last dosage, she remained with us as we blessed him and his spirit, free of age and a hurting body, took flight, unfettered. She graciously sent her personal condolences to us in a card soon afterward.



I simply cannot recommend their services enough.

It’s always incredible traumatic to lose a dear fuzzy friend, and Paws Into Grace helps both the critter and their human get through this difficult time without having to drive to a vet’s office. Dr. Benson was a compassionate professional- both incredibly gentle and kind.

If you are facing a difficult decision regarding your pet, I would highly recommend consulting this service.

When our vet told us that we needed to consider “our next steps” for our Kitty (only 11 1/2 years old and suffering from advanced kidney disease) I started researching in-home euthanasia services. I just could not put her through one more trip to the vet.

I am so glad that I found Dr. Benson from Paws Into Grace. She was absolutely wonderful and very respectful as we went through the process. Although this was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do, she made it much easier by letting us spend the final moments with our Kitty in her home.



Thank you, Dr. Benson.

We were losing our 16 year old mini schnauzer, Jalapeno, and did not want to euthanize him away from home. We got Jalapeno as a puppy who could fit in the palm of my hand and he lived his whole life with us in the same house.

Dr. Pandi was the doctor who came the day we needed her. I have had to euthanize other pets and that was very painful, but this time Dr. Pandi made it so much easier with her gentle, comforting ways. Jalapeno went peacefully, there were no problems or complications at all.

I would highly recommend Paws into Grace if you are considering at home euthanasia. I am so glad our little schnauzer baby did not have to be traumatized on his last day here by taking him to a veterinary office. I sincerely appreciate the kindness shown to us during the loss of our Jalapeno.

You might find euthanasia services cheaper if you go to a vet’s office, but you will not find better than Paws into Grace. Thank you so much — Lisa and Joe Sitko

This review is long overdue, but it took some time…

I am utterly thankful for the kind service Paws into Grace provides. DrPandi was patient and gave me all the time I needed. I just cannot find the words to say how much I appreciate the service they provide. A gift from God to allow me to give my beloved a peaceful restful loving exit in familiar surroundings with all who loved her.



A year ago I had to have my 15-year-old cat, Clyde, put to sleep.

Although I love my vet, I just couldn’t subject him to another trip over there, so I called Paws Into Grace. They were able to send someone within an hour. Dr. Benson was sensitive, unobtrusive, and gentle with Clyde.

My neighbor and I sobbed throughout the process, but Dr. Benson never made me feel self-conscious, just encouraged me to keep petting him. I am still grateful I was able to find such a skilled and compassionate vet to help me get through that day. Also, she sent a sympathy card the same week.



Dr Benson is wonderful! Extraordinary in fact.

Our 12 year old Italian Greyhound, Chili, was had stopped eating and clearly the end was near. I was so relieved that I was able to avoid stressing him out by taking him to the vet’s office to be euthanized. This way he was able to rest comfortably in his favorite doggie bed and quietly slip away while we petted him and spoke softly to him during his final moments of life.



Thank you Dr Benson.

My 9year old pitbull was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the beginning of January. This dog was my child, my animal soulmate, my BABY. We grew up together and he had been with me through most of my adult life up to this point. We were beyond devastated. He deteriorated rather quickly and on Saturday morning 1/12/13, he let us know it was time.

We normally take our animals to Cabrillo Pet Hospital (the are awesome, btw), but on this morning we just didn’t have the heart to load him up into the car and drive him 20 minutes to his death. We called them and they referred us to Paws into Grace. We called and left a message and they responded immediately. Dr. Pandi was available that day and was able to be at our house by 1:30.

Putting Mowgli down in the comfort of his home, in his doggie bed, in our arms was the best decision we ever made. Dr. Pandi was gracious, professional and beyond compassionate. Getting to pet him and hold him and tell him we loved him as he left this world was a beautiful experience and we recommend it to anyone who is faced with this difficult situation.

We know he is enjoying tons of bacon and steak and chasing after all the squirrels he can handle in doggie heaven. And we know this was the best way for him to go- as hard as it was.

Thank you again to Dr. Pandi and Paws into Grace.



My guy was 13 years old…

That’s longer than my marriage, longer than college and graduate school together, older than my kids…13 years is a long time…

I had met someone at a party several months earlier who had told me about the, “at home IT experience.” Then, I had thought I really needed to save up $$$ to give my guy this…I knew IT was coming.

My guy was 13 years old. He was sick…he had been sick for a while. It finally got to the point I realized, “IT was time.” It took a lot of courage from me. I had been thinking about IT but was dreading everything about IT.

We had a fabulous Veterinarian but he HATED being at the Vet. He shivered and shook at the Vet. Broke my heart every time.

We were in the thick of the holidays, it was Sunday. My guy was miserable. He spent 23 hours a day in agony and 1 hour at most, “comfortable.” IT was time…


I needed someone and I needed someone NOW. I called the local 24 Hour Vet Hospitals. $$$! Plus, “this is just an estimate, the price could go up depending on…”

I called Paws into Grace….

YES they could come TODAY

YES they came to POWAY

YES they could take care of everything

The price was $20-$50 LESS than the 24hr Hospitals. The price was firm and clear. ( I appreciate that a lot.)

Paws into Grace could not have been nicer!

I spoke to Dr Benson on the phone and she was empathetic, compassionate, explained things clearly…what more could a dog mom want?

Dr. Pandi was at my home within 2 hours. She was so incredibly kindhearted. She explained everything. She was incredibly respectful and clear…especially about having children present. She cried with us.

IT was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. My guy meant the world to me. Dr. Pandi followed up a week later with the most compassionate condolence card ever.

I can’t recommend this group strongly enough. If you are considering IT, please, give this group a call. You won’t regret it. I promise!



I can not say enough good things about this company.

Dr Benson is a wonderful, caring and compassionate person. She greeted all dogs and made them feel special She made the two who were not to be put down at ease.

It made our family feel so comfortable showing pics of Sugar Bear Bogie, all along stroking and talking to Sugar Bear making him feel at ease. She took 20 mins doing that. She gave us all the time we needed at the end to spend our final moments with him, which was greatly appreciated. She just said I’ll be in my car and you can come get me when your ready.

The other two dogs were able to say good bye which helped immensely.I would highly recommend this company and will use it again. The cost was the same as our vet would have been.

I just will again how wonderful Dr Benson is.