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Beloved Pets

Dear Elizabeth,

In home euthanasiaWriting to you as I’ve wanted to over a month ago when we met you to help me with my dog Honey. If you remember coming to my parents home in Temecula, she was the husky shepard mix with paralyzed legs. I just wanted to write you as I came across your card once again in my truck and needed to say to you such a massive and epic thank you for the very peaceful and gentle way you helped her go in peace.

I didn’t know what to fully expect but I knew the last thing I wanted to do was cause her torment of dragging her in to a random vets office. She was sincerely the most amazing animal and tough as it gets yet as loving as you can imagine. She was a rescue who I came upon at 4 months and she not only fought through parvo and pancreatitis, but other various dog ailments and even to the end with her paralysis, was just the happiest most grateful dog. There was no way I could drag her into some cold office and not honor her as she had cared for me the whole time I had her.

THANK YOU for the beauty of the experience and for being such a blessing. It truly was perfect and even though I miss her terribly, knowing she left us in such a blissful way, chugging down peanut butter like never before, made the experience so much easier on her.

All the best and thank you again, Can’t tell you honestly in words how much it meant,

– Jill

PS: her home vet office, Newport Hills Animal Hospital sent my family a large floral arrangement shortly after we lost Honey. It was such a huge surprise and very touching. Funny how we had that connection. Another thing that just told me you were perfect for us in the difficult time.

Dearest Dr Benson

My name is Nita, and on January 4th, 2014 I made that very hard telephone call to you at 7 am. I, of course was a complete mess. Our beloved Toby was saying goodbye and we knew it was time. It happened super fast for us, we kept waiting for the “signs”, but Toby never gave us any. Even the day before he was eating, drinking and trying to hump his sister (boys will be boys) :).

You were so kind on the phone, with a voice the made me feel at ease. You called back to ask my husband if he could help carry our 90lbs Golden Retriever to your car, because the cremation service did not open until later in the morning and we would have to wait if he could not help!

You arrived at our home in an hour. You came in and sat on the floor (even with your hurt back) and gave Toby a big kiss on the forehead and mentioned about much you loved Goldens.

You explained every step and applied each step with such care and compassion. Every time asking if we were ok and giving us time to say our goodbyes.

The way Toby was put to rest will be something I will always hold dear to my heart, wrapping in the blanket, showed how much you care for the loss of our family members. We have shared our experience with every animal owner we know. And when the comes again, we will be looking you up again!!

We wanted to say thank you not only for your kindness and compassion on the day Toby passed, but also for notifying Rancho Mesa Animal Hospital as well as VSH!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Dr Benson for just being you.

Dear Dr. Benson,

This is Nathalie. I would like to thank you for last night.

You stepped into our home and you immediately showed your loving care to Abby.

She responded back to you in the same way.

It was very comforting to witness that exchange on her last moment at home.

A stranger at the park referred us to Paws into Grace, I will continue sharing with others.

Your compassion and understanding are helping us in our healing journey.

We know that Abby is resting peacefully.

Thank you.

Dear Dr. Benson,

I didn’t want the evening to go by without letting you know how grateful we are for your helping with our sweet Bailey.

Your kindness and true caring is so appreciated.

Although there is a never a easy way to say farewell to our loving boy,

we hold some comfort knowing he is not uncomfortable .

Thank you from Baileys Family

Dear Dr. Elizabeth,

Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and warmth with our Aussie, Luna….and with my husband and myself.

Putting Luna to sleep was something we knew all along would have to be done; however, our hearts did not want to let her go.

You made a difficult process easier for our hearts.

Dear Dr. Benson

Thank you for your kindness and calming presence last Friday. Blue has always been fearful at the vet, so I was thankful she could spend her last moments at home. You provide a valuable service, and although were distraught we were able to say good-bye to our beloved kitty in a comfortable environment.

We will always be grateful to you.



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