We’ve used this term a few times now, so you might be wondering what comprises pet hospice. Pet hospice care, also known as comfort care, just like traditional human hospice care, focuses on the quality of life and comfort of an individual rather than pursuing curative treatment.

It does not connote giving up; it is simply a humane, selfless gift given with someone’s best interest in mind.

At Paws into Grace, we provide a holistic approach to end-of-life management which involves educational and emotional support for the family, provided by our team.

The primary aim of our Orange County pet comfort care services is to enhance comfort and quality of life. You might find it interesting to learn that research has shown pets in comfort care typically live longer than pets whose owners have elected to pursue curative treatment.

Extending precious moments in the twilight of your pet’s life can provide your family with invaluable memories.

Comfort Care Consultation

If you are considering hospice for dogs, cats, or another pet, we provide hospice consultations. Our 1.5 to 2 hour consultation includes a Quality of Life Assessment in addition to formulating a medical plan to give palliative care for your pet.

We are open seven days a week, and do not charge any extra fees for weekend or same-day appointments.

We get that this a challenging time to say the least, so we aren’t in the business of “nickel and dime-ing” our clients for having a pet emergency.

More About In-Home Comfort Care