About Our Team

Drs. Courtney Mills, Laura Cline, Bryn Hoffman, Dawn Love, Elizabeth Benson, Mark Johnson, and Toni Calomfirescu (from left to right)

Paws into Grace is a women-owned and operated small business located in San Diego, California. Our veterinarians and staff are passionate about providing pets and their parents with comfort, support, love, and beauty — even in death. We are honored to support families in all aspects of the end-of-life process including hospice, compassionate euthanasia, and cremation.

How We Started

Dr. Elizabeth Benson began Paws into Grace with a dream to give pets and their parents a beautiful last encounter. Dr. Benson’s experiences with losing her mother as a young girl, late-night emergency veterinary hospital rooms, and stagnant funerals inspired her to start Paws into Grace in 2007.

Working in a busy vet hospital, Dr. Benson wondered how she could comfort pets surrounded by all the startling noises and unfamiliar smells. It was there she realized, in their last moments, these precious pets belonged at home cuddled on a tattered couch or under their favorite shady spot in the yard, eating peanut butter, steak, and ice cream. They belonged in the arms of their family.

Who We Are

Our Paws Family is comprised of compassionate veterinarians, a helpful and empathetic reception team, and our caring office staff. From the first time you speak to one of our friendly receptionists, to meeting your veterinarian, to the gentle transportation of your loved one to our cremation facility, to the return of their ashes – we strive to care and support pets and their parents throughout the entire process.

Where We Serve

Paws into Grace has been dedicated to serving San Diego, Riverside, and Orange Counties since 2007. We are open seven days a week, we are typically available for same-day appointments, and do not charge any extra fees for last-minute appointments. If you need an immediate appointment, call Paws into Grace.

Our welcoming cremation office is located in Escondido, California at 2750 Auto Park Way, Suite 17. We are open seven days a week by appointment.

Who We Support

Paws into Grace works alongside multiple non-profit communities, including Frosted Faces Foundation, Pets for Patriots, and Helen Woodward Animal Center. Partnership requests can be sent to info@pawsintograce.com

Paws Into Grace Doctors and Team Members

Want to Join Us?

We are growing to serve more families in more areas! We are looking for compassionate, caring individuals who have a passion for pets. Please email your resumé to our Director of Operations.