What is Pet Hospice?

Pet hospice is a very specialized type of veterinary care for pets in the end-of-life stage once the owners have decided not to pursue curative treatment. Hospice care focuses on quality of life and comfort, not a cure.

Doesn’t That Mean Giving Up?

Not at all. It simply means you have a different goal. With pet hospice, we focus on educating owners as to what to expect, and helping you plan for your pet’s end of life transition, be it pet euthanasia or natural death. We focus on your family’s needs, as well as your pet’s.

Interestingly, studies have shown pets in hospice tend to live longer than those who continue to pursue curative therapy! We believe this is because providing good quality of life extends the time a pet can remain with us.

The Quality of Life Assessment

All families considering hospice care are given an initial Quality of Life Assessment appointment. You do not need to wait until you think your pet may be close to dying- in fact, we encourage visits as early as possible! The sooner after a terminal diagnosis is made, the more information we can help you with in terms of planning ahead.

Pet Hospice Consultation

A hospice consultation is required for pet parents thinking of having Paws into Grace provide ongoing hospice care. This 1.5 hour consultation covers everything from the Quality of Life Assessment and adds on a specific medical plan for providing palliative care for your pet, including:

  • Comprehensive palliative care plan, including pain medication options
  • Letter to referring DVM
  • Recommendations for nursing care such as subcutaneous fluids
  • Pre-planning for memorial services, if desired

Hospice Fees

Once enrolled in hospice, the initial consultation fee of $415 (San Diego/Temecula area) $530 (Orange County) * additional travel fees may apply – includes one month of follow-up phone calls, emails, etc.

For in-home hospice, follow up appointments, a reduced fee of $250 (San Diego/Temecula area) $350 (Orange County) *additional travel fees may apply

At the end of one month, should the client wish to continue the hospice relationship, monthly fees are $200 for follow up phone calls, emails, etc. *additional travel fees may apply

* Refunds not available