In Orange County, most pet owners elect for pet cremation services as opposed to pet burial. Depending on where you live, it might even be illegal for your pet to be buried on your property. Whatever your personal case may be, we at Paws into Grace can assist you with pet cremation in Orange County.

Orange County Pet Cremation

You may choose communal pet cremation where your dog or cat’s ashes are scattered at sea. Another option is individual pet cremation (home hand delivery included) where you can receive your pet’s ashes back in a unique urn. There are multiple options available to you.

Paws into Grace can assist you with any arrangements, or you can make them yourself. One of the most common requests we receive is helping with arrangements between pat owners and a respectful pet crematorium that can be trusted and provides for personalized options.

For pets who have passed at home naturally, we can also come to your home and assist with any aftercare options you may choose.

Orange County Pet Cremation Options

  • Communal pet cremation: Ashes are not returned to the owner and are respectfully scattered at sea. Prices begin at $250 (weight dependent).
  • Individual pet cremation: Your pet’s own ashes will be in an urn, along with a clay paw print and a fur clipping. We will care for your pet with honor, dignity, and compassion.
  • Prices begin at $350 (weight dependent) and include hand delivery.
  • Biodegradable urns are intended to be buried and do not come with a nameplate. Cedar or acacia urns are encouraged for display. Scatter tubes are also available.
  • Deceased pet pick up starts at $75.

*Disclaimer: Sometimes it is not possible, despite the aftercare company’s best efforts, to acquire a lock of fur. In those rare instances, the aftercare company will notify the family of this prior to receiving the cremains of their loved ones.

Sometimes the decisions are too powerful for you to make and we understand your grief. Allow us to help you and put your mind at ease when moving forward with pet cremation. Please contact us for more information.

Memorial Items

We offer a selection of memorial items to keep the memory of your cherished one alive and well. We are able to bundle these mementos into any service package we offer. The items will be delivered to you directly.

Choose from Nose Print Necklaces, Hand-Stamped Necklaces, memorial beads, topical books, and varietal Glass Art Globes. These items can also be given as a meaningful gift for a loved one in their time of duress.