Pet memorial services are a tremendously healing way to celebrate the life of a beloved pet. Children in particular learn lifelong lessons about healthy grief by being part of this process of remembrance. A pet memorial can be as simple and intimate as a letter to a pet or as elaborate as a full party full of loved ones. We can help you create an experience meaningful for you.

We are proud to offer what we believe to be one of the most comprehensive services in the country for families who want to honor their pet’s life.

We believe our “family first” approach will change the way people experience pet loss. We believe sadness and beauty are not mutually exclusive.

The Celebration of Life Package was designed in response to families who asked for a personalized, meaningful transition ceremony for their beloved pets but were not sure how to plan it.

We have taken our most requested premium pet end-of-life services and present them in one package. This is an ideal option for those who may feel overwhelmed at having too many decisions to make in a stressful time, but want the assurance of having the most meaningful moments we can provide.

Our family support coordinator will meet you to get to know your family and determine your wishes and needs then we will take care of the rest.

The Celebration of Life Package includes:

  • An initial consultation with our Family Care Expert to determine your family’s wishes and needs
  • A plan for a personalized, meaningful celebration of life ceremony either before, during, or after the passing of the pet
  • Home Euthanasia with Dr. Benson, as well as our Family Care Expert present to offer family support
  • Premium individual aftercare services including home pickup at your convenience, to allow you time afterward with your pet should you desire it
  • Home hand delivery of remains
  • A memorial jewelry item to remember your pet

Contact us for more information

The best time to contact us is when your pet first receives a terminal diagnosis. The earlier you are informed and able to plan, the more empowered you will feel in the challenging days ahead. Call us at (619) 977-6698 or email us at to learn more about our packages.