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Hospice pet care and compassionate home euthanasia

4 Reasons Why Pet Hospice Is Best For You And Your Pet


birdsong-pet-euthanasiaMaking the decision to use pet hospice instead of fighting the disease isn’t always an easy one, but eventually it’s the right one.

While bringing pet hospice into your home isn’t a replacement for traditional veterinary care, it can become the primary care when veterinary care can’t work. While today’s veterinary medicine is amazing, it will eventually not be an option as the pet’s age or advancing disease becomes the deciding factor.

It’s easier on them: Of course, the primary concern should be to give you part the highest possible quality of life as possible. That’s where  pet hospice comes in. By evaluating the quality of life and educating you, the owner, about your pet’s at-home health, you’ll be better able to deal with whatever problems might arise.

Again, it’s easier on them: If you’ve decided to not pursue a cure for you pet, it’s easier on them because they’re not being constantly drug to the vet. They don’t understand how to mentally “fight” the sickness, but they do understand when they’re being treated well at home. Interestingly enough, pets who have an increased quality of life due to prt hospice care tend to live longer than those seeking traditional veterinary medicine. That means…

It’s easier on you: Learning how to take care of your pet in their later years and increasing their quality of life makes them feel better, which, naturally, will make you(and your family) feel better.

Again, it’s easier on you: Once you make the decision to make sure of pet hospice, you have made the half-step to the next step, in home pet euthanasia. But taking this transitory step, it’s easier for you to accept your pet’s death when it comes.

It can be a hard decision to make, but we suggest considering pet hospice as early as possible to make it easier on your family. Call us with questions today.



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