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Hospice pet care and compassionate home euthanasia

Why Pet Euthanasia At Home? Part 2, From Your Point Of View

There’s a reason that hospice for humans exists. When we’re in a trying time, worried about an uncertain future, we want to at least have comfortable surroundings. This is beneficial not only for the person who is passing on but also for the surrounding family.

We’ve discussed why pet euthanasia at home can be comforting for your pet, but it’s also important to understand why it can be so important for you to have it at home compared to at a veterinary clinic:

Veterinary Clinic Pet Euthanasia – It’s likely that you really like your pet’s veterinarian. After all, they’ve probably helped your pet through some tough times, whether it’s with spaying, neutering, broken bones, or teeth problems. But as kind as your veterinarian is, you might have some bad memories of the clinic and the space in which your pet was put through so much discomfort. You’re surrounded with a room that isn’t familiar to you, a sterile environment that encourages you when your pet needs care but isn’t very comforting at the end of life.


At Home Pet Euthanasia – Even with senses far unremarkable when compared to our pet’s, humans are still comforted by the familiar scents, sounds, and sights of the familiar. Your pet wants to be in a comfortable space, and so do you. So when you need to do what’s necessary for you pet, it’s best for you to be comfortable as well. You’re welcome to have as many people there as you need, because after your pet has passed it’s important to have support in a comfortable environment. And what a wonderful feeling not having to drive home after such a traumatic event. If you’re already home, there’s no need to hold back tears as you would when you drive yourself home.


Don’t let strange surroundings and the worry of a  tearful car ride get between you and the last moments with your pet. Call us when you need the most calm at-home pet euthanasia possible.



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