Veterinary Resources

We are deeply committed to assisting our community’s veterinary clinics and their clients during difficult end-of-life situations with their pets. Below, you’ll have access to download a range of valuable resources. Additionally, there’s a form for requesting extra brochures for your clinic. Our aim is to provide comprehensive support to both clinics and pet owners during this sensitive time.

Articles & Resources to Download

Below are articles and information available to download and print at your convenience.

Informational Pages:

Paws into Grace_Comfort Care: Hospice Information

Paws into Grace_In Home Pet Euthanasia Information

Paws into Grace Cremation & Aftercare Information

Useful Articles for Clients:

Paws into Grace Article_How to Prepare for Pet Euthanasia at Home

Paws into Grace Article_Helping Your Child Through Pet Loss

Paws into Grace Article_How Do You Explain the Cremation of a Pet to a Child?

Paws into Grace Article_Helping Neurodivergent Children During Euthanasia Appointment

Children’s Ages and Reactions to Pet Loss


Brochure/ Rack Card Request Form

This form allows Veterinary clinics to easily request more rack cards from Paws into Grace.

Name of Veterinary Clinic(Required)
Contact Name and Phone Number(Required)
Please provide us with a name of someone at your clinic as a contact and a phone number in case we need to reach them.
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Courtney, our Vice President of Operations (pictured on the left), and Dr. Elizabeth Benson, the owner and founder of Paws Into Grace (pictured on the right).