Paws Into Grace offers several ways to remember your beloved pet, from urns to private viewings to personalized memorial items. Our aftercare and memorial services in San Bernardino can help you through this difficult time, providing an everlasting sense of peace and comfort.

About Paws Into Grace

Paws Into Grace is a small business based in San Diego, California, providing pet hospice, in-home pet euthanasia, cremation, and memorial services. Our compassionate veterinarians and staff help families in San Bernardino experience a loving and respectful memorial as their pets cross the rainbow bridge.

Paws Into Grace is a member of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories. We adhere to a strict code of ethics and high standards of quality and service.

We care about pets because we know what losing a family member is like. Our memorial services come with dignity and respect as you aim to say a loving farewell to your cat or dog.Brown German Shepherd sleeping in a wooden wicker basket

Our San Bernardino Pet Memorial Services

Our memorial services in San Bernardino help keep the memory of pets alive. After years of providing unconditional care and love, you can continue with these memorial items.

Individual Urn

Urns hold your pet’s ashes, letting you bury them or keep them at home.

  • Wooden urn: We use sustainable cedar or acacia urns to treasure your pet’s ashes.
  • Photo urn: Make the urn more personalized with a picture of your dog or cat.
  • Vega urn: This is a contemporary urn that looks like home decor.
  • Scatter tube: This small vessel lets you transport pet ashes in small quantities.

Private Viewing

Paws Into Grace offers two private viewing experiences for residents in San Bernardino.

  • $150: Our front office memorial will set up a comfortable space with fresh flowers to let you spend an hour with your pet.
  • $250: This private viewing has the same benefit, with the option to guide your pet’s remains into the Aquamation machine.

Memorial Items

Keep your beloved pet close to your heart in beautiful, personalized pet memorial items.

  • Memorial Jewelry: From sterling silver keychains and nose print necklaces to memorial beads, you can bring a piece of your pet anywhere.
  • Paw prints: Individual cremation comes with clay paw prints that include your pet’s name.
  • Fur clipping: This is a glass vial that contains fur clipping.
  • Paperweights, marbles, and globes: These memorial items put your pet’s ashes in swirling colors.Man tickling a yellow cat's neck

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do If I’m Unable to Bring or Pick Up My Pet’s Body?

In certain areas, our team can arrange to pick up your pet’s remains for cremation, as well as returning their remains to you after cremation.

What Should I Do After My Pet Passes Away?

When your cat or dog passes at home, you must choose whether to cremate in San Bernardino or bury your pet’s body. Aside from a private viewing, you may also consider getting an urn or memorial items, like necklaces or a glass globes containing your pet’s ashes. 

Can I Bury My Pet in San Diego County?

San Diego County prohibits burying dead animals on private properties within the County. However, some cemeteries allow the burial of pets.

Memorialize Your Pet in a Loving Way

From urns to private viewing, and memorial items, Paws Into Grace offers a dignified and respectful way to commemorate the life of your beloved pet. We will handle every part of the process so you can focus on grieving while honoring your pet’s life.