Riverside Pet Cremation

When a pet that we’ve loved for so long passes away, the decision on what to do next can be very difficult. Pet cremation is what most owners in Riverside choose, although some areas allow for burying pets at home.

You can make your own arrangements, or we can help to take the burden off you. Paws into Grace can arrange a connection with a trusted pet crematorium.

If your pet has already passed at home, we can assist with any aftercare options you may have chosen. This can be done in person or over the phone.

Paws into Grace is a member of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories, which means we adhere to a strict code of ethics and high standards of quality and service for pet cremation.

Pet Cremation Options in Riverside

  • Communal pet cremation: Ashes are not returned to the owner and are respectfully scattered at sea. Prices begin at $175 (weight dependent).
  • Individual pet cremation: Your pet’s own ashes will be in an urn, along with a clay paw print and a fur clipping. We proudly offer fire and water cremation. Our in-house water cremation services are environmentally friendly and return 20% more to families, compared to traditional fire cremation. We will care for your pet with honor, dignity, and compassion.
    • Prices begin at $275 (weight dependent).
    • Biodegradable urns are intended to be buried and do not come with a nameplate. Cedar or acacia urns are encouraged for display. Scatter tubes are also available.
  • Individual pet cremation with home hand delivery: We understand that sometimes it can be too difficult to pick up your beloved pet’s remains. We can provide a home hand delivery for an additional $75.
  • Deceased pet pick up starts at $75.

*Disclaimer: Sometimes it is not possible, despite the aftercare company’s best efforts, to acquire a lock of fur. In those rare instances the aftercare company will notify the family of this prior to receiving the cremains of their loved ones.

Sometimes the decisions are too powerful for you to make and we understand your grief. Allow us to help you and put your mind at ease when moving forward with pet cremation. Please contact us for more information.