A pet memorial provides comfort and healing as you say goodbye to your pet, whether a cat, dog, pocket pet, or exotic animal. Serving Riverside and San Diego, Paws into Grace helps you personalize a memorial to show how much you love your pet and give you a tangible reminder of your shared experiences.

About Paws into Grace

Paws into Grace is a small business based in San Diego, California, providing pet hospice, in-home pet euthanasia, memorial services, and pet cremation in the Riverside area. Our compassionate veterinarians and staff help families in Riverside experience a loving and respectful memorial as their pets cross the rainbow bridge.

Paws into Grace is a member of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories. We adhere to a strict code of ethics and high standards of quality and service.Brown dog sleeping while wrapped in a blue blanket

What to Expect From Our Riverside Pet Memorial Services

The death of a beloved pet is a challenging time. We want to relieve that burden by providing aftercare and memorial services in Riverside.


Urns let you keep your pet’s ashes, whether you want to keep them at home or bury the remains in the future. We offer a variety of pet urn options.

  • Biodegradable urn: An economical option, especially for those who prefer burial.
  • Cedar Urn: A traditional option using natural cedar wood.
  • Acacia Urn: A sustainable wood option.
  • Photo urn: This urn has a wood-like design that includes a photo slot for displaying your favorite picture of your pet.
  • Vega urn: This contemporary urn can serve as home decor while keeping your pet’s ashes.
  • Scatter Tube: This option allows for easy access to the ashes for scattering.

Memorial Add-Ons

Memorial add-ons give you a beautiful and unique item to remember your pet. These items will help keep your pet’s memory alive wherever you go.

  • Clay paw print: Our individual cremation services already come with a clay paw print that includes your pet’s name. We can also create clay paw prints as Christmas ornaments. We can add this service to communal packages for an additional cost.
  • Ink paw or nose print: These prints on cardstock are perfect for frames or tattoos.
  • Fur clipping: Our individual cremation services include a fur clipping in a glass vial. We can add this service to communal packages for an additional cost.
  • Memorial globes, paperweights, and marbles: These commemorative items combine pet ashes and glitter in captivating swirls and colors.
  • Sterling silver keychains: These keychains contain a pinch of the cremated remains or fur, allowing you to keep a part of your pet close to you anywhere.
  • Custom painting: An artist will create a custom painting based on your favorite image of your pet.
  • Paw print shadow box: A shadow box frame is large enough to hold your pet’s picture, clay paw print, and nameplate.

Memorial items and flowers placed on a grave plot in a garden

Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry is a thoughtful gift, especially for families with several members who want to keep a piece of their beloved pet close to their heart.

  • Custom Nose Print Necklace: This unique necklace comes from the mold of your pet’s nose, making it the perfect way to remember nose nuzzles.
  • Hand-stamped necklace: This custom necklace includes two tags and a ball chain made from hand-stamped silver and copper.
  • Memorial bead: Each bead has some ashes fused into the glaze. You can choose your preferred size, color, and shape.
  • Sterling silver: This necklace uses solid sterling silver to hold some cremated ashes or fur.

Home Hand Delivery

Some families find it uncomfortable and difficult to transport the remains of their beloved animals. Starting at $75, we also offer a home hand delivery throughout Riverside and other areas in California.

Private Viewing Options

Paws Into Grace offers two private viewing experiences for residents in Riverside.

  • $150: Our front office memorial will set up a comfortable space with fresh flowers to let you spend an hour with your pet.
  • $250: This private viewing has the same benefit, with the option to guide your pet’s remains into the Aquamation machine.

Woman cuddling a white and black cat close to her chest

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Hold a Pet Memorial?

There are different ways to hold a memorial, including displaying an urn, burying your pet, or scattering the ashes. It can be related to your pet’s personality or something you used to do, like spending time in the garden, creating art, or listening to music.

How Long Can I Hold a Pet Memorial?

If it is at your home, you can hold a pet memorial for as long as you like. This is also the advantage of getting an urn since you can choose the best time and place for the memorial. Most memorial facilities only allow a few hours to hold a memorial before burial or scattering of ashes.

What Should I Do After the Death of a Pet?

When your dog or cat passes away, you can decide whether to bury your pet right away or cremate the body first. The advantage of cremation is that you get to preserve the remains in a beautiful urn and hold a memorial.

Give the Most Loving Memorial for Your Pet Today

Paws into Grace lets you choose how to say farewell to your pet. From urns to private viewing, and memorial items, we will take over the arrangements for you so you can focus on spending the last few moments with your furry friend.