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Our Teddy Bear

Peeping TeddyI just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your compassion towards Teddy and us. I don’t know what was harder watching him get sick or watching him take his last breath! I know I made the right decision for Teddy’s sake, he was so sick and it came on so fast! This is the first whole day without him and even harder than yesterday. Waking up and Teddy not being here was really hard, having to realize he really is gone from our lives now after 15 years!

Ryan and TeddyI wanted to tell you that you are truly amazing and I believe God sent you from heaven to help his creatures and their families. You are a natural! You turned an intensely painful situation into a peaceful time for us to give Teddy our love and kisses for the last time. Teddy was comforted by you from the moment he met you. When you pet Teddy’s cheeks and gave him kisses he was purring which he only did for me! There is an emptiness in my heart for him which will never go away but I will always remember your genuine grace in his final moments and be comforted.

Thank you so much,

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