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Memorializing a Pet

Each day when I come home from a family visit, I have a routine. I say hello to my family, my kids and my pets. I take a moment to remember to be grateful that they are here with me today. Our pets leave us sooner than we wish them to, always. And then I light a candle.

People sometimes say to me, “This job must be so hard. I don’t know how you do it.” And it is hard, to be there with a family through one of the worst days of their lives. It is hard to see someone in pain, and knowing how much it hurts since we have been there too. It is hard, but it also an honor.

It is very fulfillingĀ to be able to take an awful experience and make it a little less stressful, to provide our wonderful families here in San Diego the opportunity to provide a peaceful, gentle goodbye to their pets in the comfort of there own home. I am fortunate to be able to be here and help with home euthanasia, and I am so grateful that people choose to trust Paws into Grace with such an important moment.

After being inspired by the I Remember You project at our own Helen Woodward Animal Center, I decided to start lighting candles for my clients. That led to doing a live broadcast of a candle memorial service with 4 of my animal loving friends.

I encourage anyone who has lost a pet to memorialize him or her in a way that is meaningful to your family. And if you are struggling, be sure to see our Resources page for the many types of emotional support that are out there.

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