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Make Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a Day of Remembrance for your Beloved Pet


16704527cceb619d439c4915b54b1779We know losing a pet is difficult. Life moves on even when you are still missing your loved family member. While it’s important to move on with each day, remembering is also important. They were a valued part of your life and you will have those memories for the rest of your life. You may be overwhelmed by remembering the time you would have spent with your pet. Instead of having sorrow wash over you, try and focus on the good memories you had.

As a nation, we have national holidays that help remind us of important people in the history of the United States. When going through the loss this hard, it may seem easier to shut those memories out rather than revisit them because of the pain. However, it’s important to have times when you reflect back on life changing events or memories in your past, just as we do with life changing political figures. Take the time to do the same in your life with this pet.

Paws into Grace may have helped you through the process of losing your loved pet through hospice care or euthanasia at home in the last days of the pet’s life. If you are having trouble being able to move forward with life and taking the time to remember, we offer counseling to help you find ways to remember your pet on days like Martin Luther King, Jr. Day when you have the day off work, remembering a national figure. Contact us today for help moving forward.

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