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Hurricane Harvey Veterinary Relief Efforts – First Of Many

Dr Lamere is one of our vets going to volunteer and help pets and animals in need, we are so proud to have such a wonderful heart and talent on our team.

I feel pulled toward helping the animals in every catastrophe like this, but this event is more personal for me. I used to spend every summer in Houston visiting my grandparents on both sides. My parents grew up there. My roots are there. I think it’s impossible for me to go about my daily life without doing something tangible to help in this case, so I’m making it happen. It’s not just the scale of this event that’s driving me, but also my personal ties to Texas. Texas and I don’t always see eye to eye, but growing up there still made me who I am today, and I will not turn my back on the people and animals of this great state now. They are in dire need of veterinarians, not just to treat the rescued animals, but to help maintain the health and safety of those that have come in to the (human) shelters with their owners in the aftermath of this crisis. A range of non-profits, aid groups, veterinary schools, and independent veterinarians are coming together to help the animals. They need all the help they can get because of the scale of this catastrophe, so I’m stepping up to do my part.



For packing:

We don’t really know yet what to expect, so I’m bringing a range of supplies. Dr. Eick, a local veterinarian in Houston, is coordinating veterinarians at the convention center and NRG stadium where people are housed. She said that they just got a shipment of veterinary supplies in, so they are well stocked for the time being, other than really needing oral Cerenia. However, I’m planning on bringing antibiotics, anti-nausea medications, anti-parasitics, etc. It isn’t supposed to begin raining again until Tuesday, which is the day we leave, but we’re bringing some camping supplies just in case things don’t go according to plan. We have water bottles capable of filtering water, and we’re bringing enough non-perishable food to last us because the grocery stores are really difficult to get into right now. We’re also bringing portable rain coats, etc.

People can donate directly to the group I’m working with here:


And my own gofundme to help pay for this unscheduled trip is located here:


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