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Hospice pet care and compassionate home euthanasia

Grief Resources For Before And After In Home Pet Euthanasia


photo (2)Though we all know that chances are we’ll outlive our pet, we still choose to enter into that friendship knowing that someday down the road we’ll need to deal with their loss.

Losing a pet can be one of the hardest experiences of a lifetime, and there’s nothing wrong with grieving. But that healing process can be faster and more fulfilling if you have guidance through it. We’re all different…mixing adult personalities with those of a pet leads to an infinite number of relationships possibilities…and we all need to deal with the loss of a pet in our own way.

When to seek support: We’d like to suggest you have the resources of pet loss support at the ready before you lose your pet, especially if it’s the first close pet that you’ve lost. You’ll find the healing process goes more smoothly if you’re making these decisions before you make use of in home pet euthanasia.

It might hit harder than you think: It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had your pet 1 year or 20, the pain of relationship loss can be devastating. Many people who seek grief counseling are surprised at just how hard the loss is hurting them, saying “I’ve lost pets before, but this one really hurt.” Again, because every pet/human relationship is different it’s important to know that the loss might be different as well.

You can talk through the option of another pet: While no pet could directly replace your lost friend, there’s nothing saying that a new friend might not be the answer. Or it might not. It’s important to realize that it might not be the best thing just yet…talk through it with someone to find the real answer.

Whether you need grief counseling for yourself or if you need it as a family, it’s important to seek help as soon as possible after the in-home pet euthanasia so that the healing can begin. Find out more about a myriad of services available here.



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