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A Furry Valentine That Truly Trumps The Rest

photo (1)There’s no need to pout because you are single this Valentine’s. When you have a pet by your side the day has never been more full of love. Our pets love us unconditionally day in and day out, from the day we get them all the way until the day they leave us, so why not make Valentine’s Day about returning the favor? Valentine’s Day has been proclaimed around the world as a day about love, so this year, instead of moping on the couch watching bad romantic comedies for hours on end, take your pet on the date of their life. We promise you won’t regret spending this national dating holiday with the cheapest, most thankful, most loving and overjoyed date you’ve ever had.

Paw’s Into Grace knows how special the little moments can be, so let us give you a few kick start ideas for you and your cute date!

  1. Play at the park, go for a hike, or a splash in the water.
  2. Go shopping (even pets love receiving gifts).
  3. Bake some homemade treats (your pet will love sitting at your feet in the kitchen)!
  4. Enjoy some animal Reiki and relaxation together.
  5. Break the ‘no pets on the bed’ rule and have a snuggle fest/ movie day!

Pets make every day better just by being themselves. Having someone/something to hold, cuddle and spend time with is one of the greatest luxuries we could ever ask for. When you spend Valentine’s Day with your furry friend you can expect 3 things: the most love filled Valentine’s Day ever, to smile more than you have in years, and to see just a little clearer what unconditional love really feels like.

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