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Hospice pet care and compassionate home euthanasia

Focus On Your Dog And Create Lasting Memories

Before you say goodbye to your beloved canine companion, take time to make the memento that keeps you together forever.

You know what your pet looks like, and with cell phone cameras being everywhere you might have taken hundreds of pictures. But how many of them are you in? And how many are so good that you want to frame them and put them on your wall? If one person in your family takes all the pictures it gets even worse…they’re never in the photo while everyone else is playing with your dog at the park.

As part of our Celebration of Life package accompanying the pet euthanasia at home, we have partnered with a photographer who knows first-hand how important it is to preserve the memories. Tamandra, founder of Heart Dog Photography, had a dog special to her in more ways than one…he also happened to be her service animal. When she lost her dog Borias she also lost her art, only to be inspired again as she found a new companion who happened to enjoy pushing her wheelchair with his nose!

This compassion for people who are about to lose someone special is what makes Tamandra so good at what she does, finding just the right way to capture the perfect moments between dog and family. Command of camera is important; finding the personality of the pet much more so. With the focus on you and your dog, Tamandra can make the rest of the world disappear.

Professional photography is a crucial part of the Celebration of Life package that helps with the healing. When paired with the memorial jewelry it becomes a tangible memorial to your pet.

After all, just because you say goodbye doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the memories.

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