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Farm to Table for Pets? Here’s How!


While the vast majority of the population visits the pet food aisle for their pet’s nutritional needs, a growing number of pet owners are opting for a more natural approach. Just like most processed food at your local supermarket, pet food is often full of unwanted extras such as added salt, preservatives, fillers and less than ideal cuts of meat and protein.

Here’s How To Do It:
Skip the Bag

Premium cuts of meat are unnecessary for pets, but fresh meat and grain that is free from additives and contaminants is key. While purchasing these sorts of foods for a pet adds expense to the overall dietary budget, it may not be as expensive as you think. The additional cost of food greatly enhances the lifespan of your pet, as well their mood, energy level, and overall health. This leads to decreases in other pet-related expense, such as veterinary care.

Think of each meal you purchase for your pet as a deposit into a health savings account; additional expense for meals and decrease in health-related costs later. In the end, the increase in expense turns out to be quite minimal.

Use Fresh Ingredients

Dogs are mostly carnivorous, but have shown the ability to adapt to an omnivorous diet. Knowing this can greatly decrease the cost of mealtime by allowing you to add premium fillers, such as ground carrots, rice, or grains. You may find that your dog skips over these fillers so it’s best to soak them in broth created by boiling the fillers with the meat.

Cats, on the other hand, are completely carnivorous. While some contend that cats can eat plant-based diets, this is unproven, and could prove dangerous over the long term. Feed your cats a meat-based diet of fish, beef, chicken or pork.

Prepare in Advance

Some people don’t even cook for themselves, so the idea of making a pet a meal once or twice a day is a bit daunting. The key here is to make the meals in advance. Using a large pot, it’s quite simple to add fresh meat, ground veggies, and rice in enough volume to feed your pet for a week or more. These meals are easily frozen, and can be stored for months in your freezer. Portion each meal into individual servings and keep a few days in the fridge, while the remainder goes to the freezer for later use. Thaw and serve.

You’ll be amazed at the difference in your pet from just a few short weeks of being on an all-natural diet. Once you see the effects of the diet, you may begin to look outside of the box for other ways to improve your pet’s life.

At Paws into Grace we offer a wide range of services from acupuncture to reiki and of course, nutritional counseling. We strive to provide healthy pets a great life, minimize suffering for pets with chronic injuries, and do our best to facilitate the transition to life without your best friend for those with terminal illness. If there’s anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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