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Cremation or Burial For Your Pet?

After the passing of our amazing pet, we can be quite distraught. Even if the passing involved a planned in home euthanasia, it is one of the saddest moments in our lives. It is important to make a plan for your pet after their passing. It is a tough decision to make, deciding whether you should have him or her cremated or if you want to bury them. At Paws Into Grace, we want to help you make an informed decision.


The process of cremation is a simple one. After your pet’s passing, their body is placed into a chamber then heated at a temperature of at least 1400-1800 degrees. The perk to cremation is that you get to take some of your pets ashes with you wherever you go. The downside is that there is not necessarily a particular place that you can go to remember your pet, unless you bury the ashes.


After the passing of your pet, you can choose to have a ceremony which ends with a burial. You can have a private burial in your backyard or you can pay for a plot of land which you can come visit at your leisure. The perk to a burial, as stated before, is that you have a place to visit to remember your beloved pet, bring flowers, prey or just spend time with your pet’s energy. The downside is that there are some city ordinances that can prevent you from burying your pet. Please check with the city before you start the burial process to prevent any fines down the road.

Paws Into Grace offers both communal and individual pet cremation starting at $125. Call us today to find out more information on our services.

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