Compassionate In-Home Pet Euthanasia, Hospice and Cremation

Serving San Diego, Riverside and Orange Counties since 2007, Paws into Grace specializes in pet end-of-life care, including home euthanasia, quality of life exams, hospice, and aftercare.

Home Pet Euthanasia

We believe a pet’s final moments should be in the comfort of their home, with family by their side, where everything is familiar.

Prices starting at $325. Same day appointments are normally available, please call for last-minute appointments.

After Life Pet Care

Our Cremation Services are environmentally friendly and the highest quality available. We will care for your pet with honor, dignity, and compassion.

We can come to your home and assist with the aftercare option of your choice. Prices starting at $175.

End of Life Pet Care

Pet hospice is a very specialized type of veterinary care for pets in the end-of-life stage, once the owners have decided not to pursue curative treatment. Download our guide for more information.

Quality of Life Appointments

This one-hour appointment allows time to discuss the common quality of life scales you can use at home, and help determine if euthanasia or hospice care may be recommended for your pet.

Euthanasia at home minimizes the medical aspect of this transition and allows you to focus on your pet.You can be there by yourself or with the whole extended family. For more information regarding the process, request the free Paws into Grace Ebook.

We are open seven days a week, we are typically available for same-day appointments, and do not charge any extra fees for last-minute appointments. If you need an immediate appointment, call Paws Into Grace.

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