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Hospice pet care and compassionate home euthanasia

Common Misconceptions: Pet Euthanasia & You

Here at Paws Into Grace, saying goodbye is never easy but knowing what to expect during this period can make a difficult time just a little bit less stressful. It is very difficult to lose a beloved pet. Paws into Grace was created for in home pet euthanasia and hospice care because we believe pet owners prefer to have those final moments be in the comfort of home, with family by their side, and where everything is familiar. Today we’re discussing some common misconceptions about pet euthanasia so that you can make an informed decision when the time comes.

1. Euthanasia isn’t nature’s way. Nature, some say, has a timetable for every life, and by artificially ending a life, we’re disrupting nature’s plan. While charming, this belief overlooks the fact that by providing treatment, surgery, medication, or any other form of care for a sick (or injured) pet, we are already extending that pet’s life far beyond what would occur if matters were left in the not-so-tender hands of “nature.”

2. Euthanasia is selfish. The most common source of guilt is the belief that one has euthanized a pet “too soon” or for “selfish” reasons. “I should have tried harder,” many tell themselves. A far more dangerous form of selfishness is to prolong a pet’s suffering simply to postpone one’s own.

3. My pet will tell me when it’s “time.” By convincing ourselves that our pets will “tell us” when it is time to die, we risk two hazards: Prolonging a pet’s suffering by waiting for a sign that never comes, or torturing ourselves with guilt for acting “too soon.”


  1. Cathy Torres says:

    What an incredible experience. My Cavalier, Shelby, had been ill with heart disease for 17 months. She began to fail in the past few weeks. When the time came and I knew with my heart and my mind that I needed to let her go, I called you. Two hours later the vet arrived. My other two Cavaliers were present. Shelby passed so peacefully. It was such a relief to see her at peace and for the boys to know she was gone. The vet was so comforting and calming. No running into an ER at 1:00 in the morning in trauma…..just a peaceful passing to the Rainbow Bridge.
    Thank you so much
    Loving mom to Jake, Shelby and Micah

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