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Hospice pet care and compassionate home euthanasia

Dr. Vogelsang: Compassion, Composure and Care

Owning a pet can have a profound effect on someone’s life. No one understands this better than veterinarian Jessica Vogelsang. Having been an animal lover since the days of her childhood which were spent helping her grandmother take care of stray cats roaming their small Massachusetts neighborhood, Jessica’s desire to help animals has been her […]


  Are You Prepared This Holiday Season For Receiving Your Four Legged Friends? Many of us will be traveling over these Holidays to see family and friends, that may include our four legged family. Here are some tips to keeping it a positive, stress-free, and a slightly less like a “Griswald” holiday. What are some […]

Reiki and Your Pet: An Overview

  Alternative healing for animals is relatively new in a clinical sense, but the art of Reiki has been around for nearly a century. The therapy itself is also known as palm healing, or hands-on healing and focuses on the transference of energy (Reiki) through the palms, which allows for the body to self-heal as […]

Lessons in Life that Only a Senior Pet Can Deliver

Anyone who owns a pet who is in their golden years knows that with each passing year, they lose a little of that spring in their step. Despite any health issues that may arise, they are your companion and you love them more than anything. No amount of love can take away that our older […]

Why Rescuing is Always Better than Buying Your Next Pet

Most people want to adopt, but often times, people can’t get away from the idea of a pure bred pet or that designer puppy.  When I am asked why I made the decision to rescue all of my animals, the answer is pretty clear.  These great pets needed a loving home and a second chance. […]

7 Signs it’s Time to See the Vet

While most people understand the importance of taking their pet to the vet’s office on a regular basis for basic checkups and preventative care, it’s often difficult to determine whether the smaller ailments you’ll be met with between visits warrant immediate care. Here are 7 signs that your pet needs veterinary care. 1. Loss of […]

What is Senior Pet Hospice?

The unfortunate reality of pet ownership means that you’ll face the same end of life scenario as you would with any other member of the family. Providing quality end of life care helps to ease the pain and heartache your family will face when saying goodbye to your pet. With senior pet hospice, you are […]

When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Pet

When you lose a family member, or a friend, people expect you to undergo a grieving period. They’ll generally provide support, provide a shoulder to cry on, and make sure that you have all that you need during this tough time. The loss of a pet is just as emotionally difficult.  The Loss Just like […]

Farm to Table for Pets? Here’s How!

While the vast majority of the population visits the pet food aisle for their pet’s nutritional needs, a growing number of pet owners are opting for a more natural approach. Just like most processed food at your local supermarket, pet food is often full of unwanted extras such as added salt, preservatives, fillers and less […]

Memorializing a Pet

Each day when I come home from a family visit, I have a routine. I say hello to my family, my kids and my pets. I take a moment to remember to be grateful that they are here with me today. Our pets leave us sooner than we wish them to, always. And then I […]

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