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Benefits Of Communal And Individual Cremation

In our previous blog, we subtly mentioned that when you choose to cremate your pet, you have a couple of choices. We want to go into more detail here because, although they may seem obvious, you may not know a lot about them.


As the term suggests, this style of cremation means that more than one animal will be cremated at a time. When the process is over, the owners do not get an urn full of their pet’s ashes. If they get ashes back at all, they will be from all of the animals that were in the chamber together. This is the cheaper option. At Paws Into Grace, we charge $125 for the service. It is a great choice if you are not looking to do a burial and don’t what to have the burden of keeping track of the ashes.


Again, pretty obvious. This means that your beloved pet will get their own cremation and when the service is over, you will get their ashes to do whatever you would like. This is obviously going to cost more money. Paws Into Grace charges $175 and will give you a cedar or bamboo urn to keep the ashes in and will also provide a paw print molding with a fur clipping to remember your pet. After the cremation service, you will be able to keep the ashes in your home, bury them or scatter them over your pet’s favorite place.

If you are looking into the cremation service for your pet after their passing, contact Paws Into Grace today.

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