Dr. Ishida was born and raised in Orange County. He grew up in a house that had animals as a part of the family. He started off his higher education career by attending the California State University, Fullerton while majoring in biochemistry.

He then went on to attend the University of California, Davis where he obtained his doctorate of veterinary medicine. While there, he learned about the different fields in veterinary medicine and one that he found particularly inspiring and close to his heart, was in home euthanasia and hospice care. He believes that each loving companion deserves a dignified and peaceful transition in the comfort of their own home.

Dr. Ishida lives in Orange County with his two Labrador Retrievers and two cats. He not only enjoys spending time at home cuddling with his cats, but he also enjoys playing board games, photography, and traveling, although it is hard for him to go even two days without missing his pets.